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Agreeing on activities for 2019 in cooperation within waste and resource management

22.10.2018  11:26
The Steering Committee in the strategic sector cooperation (SSC) on waste and resource management recently met to discuss and approve the activity plan for 2019. Public awareness, zero waste and circular economy were reoccurring issues, and will be central components during the concluding phase of the project scheduled to end at the end of June 2019.

The 3rd Steering Committee Meeting in the Danish-Turkish SSC on waste and resource management laid down the direction for the activities planned for 2019. The meeting was led by Banu Behram Kuran (Deputy Director General at the Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation (MoEU)) and Anders Siegumfeldt (Deputy Head of Mission at the Danish Embassy in Ankara). The meeting discussed the work programme for 2019 and its contribution to the original objectives of the project. The meeting was hosted by MoEU in Ankara.


MoEU is focussing on a sustainable agenda and in the cooperation with Denmark they wish to gain inspiration for sustainable policies and legislation within waste and resource management. Furthermore, the activities already carried out in the project during 2018 were evaluated. The ambition of increasing sustainable waste and resource initiatives is a shared aspiration, therefore Denmark is making its experience and expert knowledge available to their Turkish colleagues.


The Steering Committee Meeting reflected an interest for zero waste, more specifically a reduction of plastic and food waste in Turkey. Additionally, public awareness on waste prevention, waste sorting at source, and recycling were major topics on the agenda. Finally, raising awareness on challenges and possibilities for wastewater and sludge management are future focus points.

 Steering meeting


The Steering Committee Meeting was attended by representatives from MoEU working with zero waste, water and soil management, and packaging waste management. Furthermore, the Danish participants included  representatives from the Danish Embassy in Ankara and the SSC project leader from the Danish Environmental Protection Agency.


The objectives of the SSC is to provide continuous Danish expert knowledge and support in order to make the green transition in terms of waste management and resource management as efficient as possible. The current phase of the SSC project is scheduled to expire at the end of 2019.


In case of related questions, please contact either Sector Counsellor Dennis Holte Skov-Albertsen on denalb@um.dk or Project Coordinator Fatma Alay on fatmal@um.dk.


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