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Strengthened Danish-Turkish relations on offshore wind energy

16.10.2018  08:39
Turkey is planning to engage and invest in their first offshore wind farm in the up-coming future. Through the Strategic Sector Cooperation (SSC) Programme, authorities in Denmark are sharing Danish offshore wind experiences with their counterparts in Turkey. Recently, Turkish experts visited Denmark to study Danish best practices

As a part of Turkey’s increased engagement within green energy, the Turkish Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (MENR) is currently planning to expand the use of offshore wind energy. Since Denmark is the world-leading country when it comes to offshore wind development, it has a lot of experience and expertise to share. Due to this reason, the MENR has chosen to engage in discussions of an offshore wind cooperation project specifically with the Danish authorities.

Recently, a delegation from MENR visited Denmark, consisting of the Head of Department of Renewable Energy Resources in Turkey, Mustafa Caliskan together with engineer and Wind Energy Coordinator Ozlem Onenc and Meteorological Engineer Irem Isik Centin, The visit was organised by The Danish Energy Agency and the Royal Embassy of Denmark in Turkey as a part of the SSC Project. Additionally, the Trade Council of Denmark in Istanbul functioned as a crucial co-organizer of the tour to discover the potential for relevant Turkish and Danish wind energy companies.

The study tour included a visit to Esbjerg Port, which is known for being the leading port for offshore wind power in Europe. Additionally, the delegation had several meetings with stakeholders engaged in different aspects of the value chain. Since Turkey is entering the offshore wind power industry for the first time, the study tour sought to give a representative overview of the entire process by focusing on the specific elements that need consideration and execution when investing in and planning of offshore wind power.

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Turkey’s ambition is to increase its wind and solar capacity by 10,000 megawatts each in the upcoming decade. The aim for the Strategic Sector Cooperation is to assist in making this transition as smooth as possible by presenting lessons that Denmark has learned through years of offshore wind power.

Denmark already has existing bilateral projects with Turkey including a successful collaboration within the heating and cooling industry. Therefore, the offshore wind project is considered a start of a possible expansion of the existing cooperation between the two countries.

For more information about the strategic sector cooperation on offshore, please contact Sector Counsellor Dennis Holte Skov-Albertsen on denalb@um.dk or Project Coordinator Fatma Alay on fatmal@um.dk.

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