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Fish companies explore the Czech market

17.10.2017  14:26
Last week the Danish Embassy had four Danish and Faroese fish companies visiting Prague to explore the possibilities for exporting to the Czech market.

Danish Embassy Fish B2BB2B meeting between the Faroese fish company Landshandilin P/F and the Czech company AG Seafood
During the stay the Danish and Faroese companies had B2B meetings with eight Czech companies to establish contact between Danish/Faroese exporters and main local players in the field. According to Poul Andrias Jacobsen from the Faroese company Bakkafrost A/F it was successful:
   “It was very nice. We met several new Czech companies and it was a good way to get to know them very fast and then we can build on the relationship later.”

In order to see the common fish practice in the Czech Republic, the Danish and Faroese companies visited Makro, one of the biggest wholesalers of fish in the Czech Republic. They also went to the local ‘Fish shop and Bistro’ where people can either buy fresh fish and seafood or immediately enjoy a meal prepared from bought products. 

Fish Danish Embassy
Site visit at Makro

A small sightseeing tour for the guests from Denmark and Faroe Islands was included as well.

 Fish Danish Embassy Prague
From left: Rasmus Schmidt (Sirena Group A/S), Poul Andrias Jacobsen (Bakkafrost P/F), Stig Fugl Lund (Head of Commercial Department, Embassy), Michael Fog (World Seafood A/S), Niclas Rasmussen (Landshandilin P/F), Thomas Wegeberg (Danish intern, Embassy)