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Sectors in focus

Below are some of the sectors of particular focus for Danish export to Singapore. Feel free to contact us anytime - also if you are interested in a sector that is not listed. 

Infocommunications Technology (ICT) and Smart Cities

Singapore ranks as number 1 in the “Global Information Technology Report” (GITR) done by the World Economic Forum. Singapore’s ICT sector is in other words very attractive in terms of consumption and development of technology. The ICT sector is an important contributor to the economy and social growth in Singapore, which is expressed through the constant development and demand of products and knowledge-sharing. ICT has promoted and strengthened the competiveness of Singapore through education, manufacturing, health care, tourism, Big Data, cloud computing, finance, mobile technology and not at least through the governments vision of becoming the world’s first “Smart Nation”. Download report 

Furniture, Design and Fashion Textiles

Singapore is the trendsetter in South East Asia and is considered a “shopper’s paradise”. The lifestyle sector is experiencing significant growth driven by the rising living standards in Singapore and growing interaction with the neighbouring countries. A population of 5.47 million citizens, which include 1.49 million expatriates and 15.1 million foreign visitors (2014 figures) makes Singapore an interesting market for companies within the lifestyle sector. Download report 

Marine and Offshore

Singapore continued its position in 2014 as the world’s busiest port with a record vessel arrival tonnage of 2.37 billion gross tonnes, a container throughput of 33.9 million TEU's, and 42.4 million tonnes in total bunker sales. There is constantly about 1,000 ships in the Singapore waters and with some 140,000 vessel calls annually. The port and maritime sector is a sizeable contributor to the economy in Singapore, providing 170,000 jobs and accounted for 7 % of the country’s total gross domestic product in 2014. The growth is forecasted to continually grow due to the plan about developing and expanding the maritime and offshore activities in Singapore. Download report  


Energy, water and Environment

Singapore plans to play a leading role in use and development of energy and environmental technology. This know-how would be disseminated to the rest of the region, which are looking at Singapore for new solutions within these areas. Download report 

Healthcare industry

As a medical hub Singapore attracts a growing number of medical professionals and multi-national healthcare-related companies to share and exchange their expertise, to conduct healthcare-related research and training as well as to host international conferences and events here. The government’s healthcare expenditure for 2014 was 1.8 % of its GDP. This will be increased to 2.3 % for 2015. The medical sector is projected to grow to a total value of close to USD 700 million in 2018. Download report