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Danish Seamen's Church in Singapore

The Danish Seamen’s Church in Singapore (DSCS) was founded in 1984, as a branch of  the Danish Seamen’s Church in Foreign Ports and as part of the Danish Evangelical Lutheran National Church. In January 2004 it became part of a new organisation DSUK, Danish Seamens Church Abroad.

The objective of DSCS is “to provide church services, ministrations and spiritual and practical assistance to residents in and seafarers and other visitors to Singapore, all of whom shall be of Danish nationality”.´All year round, the Danish Seamen's Church hosts church services and holidays such as Easter, Christmas and other traditional holidays. The Seamen's Church offers baptisms, confirmations, weddings and other commemorations in relation to Denmark and Singapore.

DSCS is an independent, non-profit organization that relies mainly on voluntary contributions from private sources in Denmark and Singapore. Additional income is created through bazaars, lotteries and other fund raising activities. The large amount of support creates the basis for an active church and an attractive place to meet for danes in Singapore.

The Danish Seamen's Church is located at Mount Faber. From there, the harbour and the ships, which the priest and other employees often visit with Danish books, news papers, licorice and a familiar chat, are not far away.

The church has a "busy" calendar with events weekly. The newest addition to the weekly schedule is a beginner Danish Class held at the church every Thursday night from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm.

Go to the Church's website below for more information: The Danish Seamen's Church in Singapore (Danish version only).



Danish Seamen's Church in Singapore

10 Pender Road
Singapore 099171
Tel.: +65 6274 6344