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Danish Supplementary School in Singapore

Welcome to the Danish Supplementary School in Singapore!

Danish Supplementary School in Singapore (in short DSS), is a supplementary school, which offers one weekly Danish lesson to all Danish speaking children in Singapore. Our objective is to provide the students with the possibility to maintain a solid knowledge of the Danish language, as well as to further improve their Danish skills along side their international schooling.

The teaching is guided by the publication fro the Danish Ministry of Education: ”Guidelines on education and training in the Danish language of Danish children stationed abroad.” We always use the latest Danish educational material in DSS, and our teachers are all trained in Denmark. They are experienced in teaching in Denmark, and many of them also in teaching Danish abroad.

The style of teaching is class based and the students are generally placed, on a classlevel according to their age. Although there are differences between the basic knowledge of each student, the school believes that this particular way of grouping the students is the best way, as the children will interact with their own agegroup. Also the educational material chosen, is appropriate for their age and interesting for the student to read. We offer classes from level 0-9, and furthermore the school offers an opportunity for pre-school children to participate in an educational playgroup, which will prepare them for grade 0. We have an average of 120 children in DSS, but the number is increasing.

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