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The EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement

Find more information on how to use EU Free Trade Agreements and save duty costs 

The EU has free trade agreements with approx. 70 countries outside the EU. Some of these countries are significant export and import markets for Danish companies, including Canada, Iceland, Japan, Mexico, Norway, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland and Turkey (list of EU trade agreements). Moreover, EU Free Trade Agreements with other important markets, such as Australia and Vietnam, are under way.

EU Free Trade Agreements either completely abolish duties or significantly reduce duties on goods. However, a Danish company does not automatically avoid paying duties when the company exports goods to or imports goods from a coun-try with which the EU has a free trade agreement. A few conditions have to be fulfilled in order to get the duty savings which the free trade agreements entail. Fulfilling these conditions will enable you to substantially reduce duty costs. It is important to remember that making use of EU free trade agreements cannot be left to the shipping company to handle.

For more information please download the Guide for companies on how to use EUs FTAs January 2020.